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With Somfy®, you can discover automation options for all types of interior blinds. WireFree (battery) or mains powered options offer different benefits and price points. You can also choose from a large selection of control options, including handsets, wall switches, timers or sensors. No matter what your preferred solution may be, Somfy® guarantees ease of use, reliability and quality.


Comfort and privacy with the push of a button for any size house, flat or commercial premises.
  • No matter whether you have tall windows, wide or heavy blinds, you can operate them remotely

  • Unsightly hanging chains, cords and rods are gone

Motorised operation makes your blinds look better for longer
  • Electric blinds run more smoothly, making them last much longer

  • Somfy® motorisation enables simple operation at the touch of a button, or automated control via a timer or sensor

Set your electric blinds to a preferred position using Somfy®’s unique ‘my’ button
  • The ‘my’ button enables a favourite position to be memorised

  • Pressing the ‘my’ button will automatically send the blinds to this position

Perfectly compatible with leading Smart Home solutions
  • Somfy® powered blinds integrate with Smart Home solutions, like Lutron, Crestron and…

  • Somfy® motor and control solutions are also available for garage doors, gates, awnings and more

Enhances child safety by eliminating the need for pull cords
  • Normal blinds can have hanging cords which could harm children as they play

  • Somfy® powered blinds are safe to install wherever your little ones will explore

Automate your blinds to make your house look occupied, even if you’re away
  • The option to control your blinds via a timer enables you to always give the impression that someone is home

  • Even weather-controlled operation is possible, thanks to Somfy®‘s solar, wind and temperature sensors


Roller blinds
  • Ideal for larger sized windows and doors

  • Complete control of blind position

Roman blinds
  • Stylish horizontal pleats

  • Customised with your lining choice

Venetian blinds
  • Limitless control with adjustable slats

  • Suits any interior

Pleated blinds
  • Configurable to non standard windows

  • Energy saving qualities


Wall switches

With a stylish Somfy® wall switch, you never have to worry about misplacing your controls again. The switch is available in a selection of colours and frames to beautifully tie in with your interior and can be easily affixed with absolutely no disuption to your décor. The WireFree Smoove switch is powered by battery and includes options to open and lower your blinds, along with a ‘my’ function so you can instantly recall your preferred blind position.


We offer a variety of different handsets, from single channel remotes to the Telis 16, which allows you to control up to 16 different blinds individually or simultaneously from the LCD display. All Somfy® handsets are battery powered and feature the ‘my’ button, so you can set your blinds to the perfect position instantly. They also come with a mounting pin or bracket so you can affix them to your wall.

Timers and sensors

Enjoy comfort and complete peace of mind with our timers and sensors. The timer function on our handsets let you set your blinds to automatically open every morning. They even give you greater piece of mind, automatically operating your blinds when you are away to make it appear as though your home is still occupied. Alternatively, our sensors monitor lighting levels and temperature. They respond immediately by operating your blind to deliver the most comfortable environment.

Connexoon RTS – app control

Connexoon Window RTS app is a new way to control your blinds and curtains. Enjoy the experience of controlling your Somfy-powered motorised solutions from your smartphone, and maximise the many benefits they provide: light management, privacy and convenience.